MAGNUS INTERNATIONAL HFZA TRADING CO., is fully focused on the Hospitality equipments, exclusively for lightings, Bar Equipments and supplies. Having been employed in the Hospitality Industry last two decades, our team is fully experienced and well versed with the Five Star Hotels and Hospitality retails outlets. Our management is well experienced in the Five Star Hotels especially in Food and Beverage Department. Magnus International believes in the quality and high end products, therefore we have chosen well known company from Australia and Denmark  that will exceed the market and customers satisfaction in product’s quality and durability.

Company is formed in the year 2011 beginning, however our vast experience and knowledge in the Hospitality field and equipments have a great influence in our trading, we suggest to our client with right products in right places, besides we help the clients to enhance their property with innovative ideas with latest Bar Equipments and lightings.

Our management’s wide experience in the Food and Beverage department has brought abundant information and essential requirements of Middle East, knowing the culture of Middle East and aggregative tourism.

We are totally committed, integrated and market driven company that can establish a sales relationship with any customers for longs term business.